Scanning Pen - The C Pen Scanner

In addition to the IRISpen scanning pen, another popular brand is the C Pen (or C-Pen). Unlike many of the other makers of pen scanners, including Planon and IRISPen, C Pen produces one model of pen scanner. This model is designated the C-Pen 20.

The C-Pen 20 has most of the features that you have come to expect from a scanning pen if you are at all familiar with the family of technology. Using OCR technology, the C-Pen 20 scanning pen can scan text and directly deposit the text into nearly any open word processing or data entry program. This makes it very useful for everything from taking notes while studying to editing a printed document of which you do not have the soft copy. The C-Pen 20 scanning pen interfaces with the computer via USB 1.0 or 2.0, depending on your make of computer. In addition to 34 primary languages, the scanning pen recognizes 133 additional languages using a character recognition engine from ABBYY software.

For those reading challenging materials or looking for aid in reading comprehension, C Pen offers C Dictionary. C Dictionary is a computer application designed specifically for the C-Pen 20 scanning pen. C Dictionaryseamlessly integrates with the pen scanner making the software very easy to use. After scanning a word, the software brings up a definition and/or translation of the word. In addition to great integration with the scanning pen, the C Dictionary software also has a built-in flash card application for practicing words (great for students).

There are many brands of scanning pens out there. Sometimes, the number of models and variants produced by a single pen scanner manufacturer can confuse a user. Fortunately, C Pen makes it easier by providing all the basic features in a single model, the C-Pen 20. For more information on the C Pen scanner and everything related to scanning pens, check out our other original content.